Can You Control Asthma?

Worldwide there are more than 300 million people affected by a long term inflammatory disease known as asthma, annually almost  250,000 people dies of asthma and

it is believed that 31%  of children aged 4 year and younger are suffering from asthma.

Asthma usually begins in childhood and if not controlled properly, it can disturb your life significantly and causes life-threatening events. Knowing the behavior, factors, triggers and preventions helps to ease the pain.

Asthma is a common disease of airways and lungs which causes difficulty in breathing, coughing, chest pain, shortness of breath and challenges physical activities. Factors which cause asthma are mostly genetic and environmental. Unfortunately there is no cure known for asthma, so diagnosing asthma early is crucial to take precautions in order to prevent severe asthma attacks.

Pre-emptive Measurers to Avoid Asthma

As asthma is incurable we can only avoid or prevent its symptoms. There is a continuous risk of getting asthma but this risk can be mitigated by taking certain measures.

Avoiding Smoking

Tobacco smoke is always harmful for both active and passive smoker. Particles of smoke disturb the airway and lungs thus increase the risk. Studies have showed that children whose guardians smoke, are more likely to have asthma even their guardians are immune to it.

Preventing Obesity

Doctors have linked obesity to asthma with the theory that it causes inflammation in body. Maintaining healthy diet with less bad fat and exercising regularly is the key to avoid obesity.

Safety Precautions about Air Pollution

Smog is a big problem in urban areas which can trigger asthma. Knowing the air quality index and taking safety precautions accordingly can surely reduce the risk.

Reducing Exposure to Toxins

The nature of occupation exposure is also a key factor. In many occupations there is a continuous exposure to harmful toxins for example pesticides and harmful fumes. Taking proper safety measure is vital in such times.


Vaccination can prevent many life threatening diseases. Following the national vaccination schedule prevents many inflammatory allergies thus mitigating the risk of getting asthma.

Controlling Asthma Attacks

In 2007 more than 4000 adults and almost 200 children died of asthma attack and every year 57% children suffer from asthma attack. Preventing asthma attack is vital for controlling asthma.

Following tips can be helpful in controlling asthma

Know your triggers.

This is the best known way to control asthma. Triggers can be anything which is causing the air passage to narrow down, causing difficult to breathe and activating asthma attack for example dusts particles or fumes etc. Learn what your triggers are by focusing the circumstances when you had an attack and discuss it with doctor. Once you know your triggers start avoiding them.

Take medicines as prescribed.

Medicines plays major role in controlling asthma. The problem basically lies in taking medicines properly. Medicines are usually inhaled, so using the inhaler correctly is important. Seek doctor’s help if you feel necessary in knowing the technique.

Making a Plan

A better asthma control requires a better management plan. There are specialists who can effectively monitor asthma events and prefer better medications. According to your asthma condition allergists can customize your routines so that you can enjoy healthy living.

Knowing Exacerbation

Asthma attacks are really painful in nature. When you are following the plan you will eventually know the stage and condition of asthma. Discussing the plan with allergist and sticking to it will help to be prepared. Pay attention to any warning sign and seek professional help immediately.

Environmental Pollution in Pakistan and Asthma.

 The environment condition and nature crisis are getting worsen day by day causing an inadequate habitat. Environmental pollution is international issue but under developed and developing countries are facing drastic impacts.

According to Word Health Organization, it can be said that almost 200 deaths per 100,000 people are caused by environmental pollution. Pakistan environmental pollution has reached to hazardous level and is increasing day by day.

Recently Pakistan was ranked second most polluted country in Air Pollution Index. Smog in Pakistan is a not less than a disaster, in 2015 a study showed that almost 22% of annual deaths are caused by air pollution.

The air quality of Pakistan is main reason of increasing asthma cases and related allergic diseases. Asthma prevalence in Pakistan is considered to be 4.3% and 10% population is estimated to be suffering. It is believed that smog is not only causing life threatening diseases like asthma but also responsible for many allergies. Developing lungs and immune systems of infants are prone to smog.

Asthma can cause serious causality if not taken care properly but as you see it can be controlled and limited with very simple precautionary measures. Enjoying a healthy life requires preventions but at the end they are worth it.

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