Complete Guide For New Parents And Common Children Issues From Top Child Specialist of Rawalpindi and Islamabad

This guide is for creating awareness among new parents about the minor medical problems which children might face and how to treat them at home.

Why Do Babies Usually Cry After A Feeding?
Infants usually feel flatulence after feeding. Babies have sensitive stomachs. When babies are feed and not given any exercise after feeding then gasses start to accumulate inside their stomach.

The accumulation of these inside the belly of the baby leads to flatulence which causes pain.

How To Avoid Flatulence In Babies After Feeding Them?

  • the best way to avoid flatulence in babies after feeding them is by giving them a little exercise and belly massage.
  • You can give babies exercise by holding them into you lap and gently moving them back and forth with your hands
  • You can also give babies exercise by moving their legs in cycling motion.

Do Babies Cry When They Do Not Have Enough Sleep?

Yes, infants and toddlers cry when they do not have enough sleep. Or when they have a disturbed sleep.

Babies require 8-9 hours of sleep in the night and a few naps of small duration during the day time.

 And if they do not complete these hours of sleep during a day due to any reason then they might be upset.

How To Provide A Peaceful Sleep To Your Child?

Here are some tips to make sure a peaceful sleep for your child

  • The bed is comfortable
  • They had had a meal before sleeping
  • Their diaper is not dirty
  • The environment is calm and peaceful
  • The clothes are comfortable

 Children Cry When They Are Hungry:

When children cry and look annoyed and there is no apparent reason for them to cry then they might be crying because they feel hungry.

In most cases both the parents and the child can not figure out that the child is hungry.

If you feel your child is crying without a reason then offer some snack or a short meal to your child.

How To Know Your Child Is Not Hungry?

Infants usually cry with their fists open when they are hungry and when they are full, they cry with their fists closed.

In case of toddlers, make sure that your child hasn’t skipped a meal and your child is hydrated.

Children Cry And Feel Sick When They Are Tired:

Children are very active and use all their energy very quickly. And when they get tired, they might feel sick and lethargic.

 And start to cry and shout. In this situation most of the parents get anxious and rush their children to doctors.

But you should first try to calm your child. Give him/her some rest and food. And see if it improves the child’s condition.

Tips To Deal With Tired And Irritated Child:

  • When children are hungry, they often reject food even though they feel hungry.
  • So, make sure you give your child an appetizing and your child’s favorite food when your child is tired.
  • Try to engage your child in some non-physical and less energy draining activity.
  • Try to give your child a nap.

How To Dress Your Child Properly According To The Climate:

The most common mistake that the parents make is they don’t dress their children properly according to environment.  Babies also feel the same heat and cold as we do.

What Should Be Considered While Dressing Up A Baby?

  • In Pakistan it is a common trend to wrap children in blankets in the blazing sun.
  • This is totally wrong and might cause allergies to the baby.
  • Make sure your child is wearing lite and thin clothes in summers.
  • Make sure your child is wearing thick and warm clothes in winters.
  • Make sure the clothes are comfortable and there are no such embellishments on the clothes which might irritate the child.

Do Children Feel Irritated And Cry When Their Diaper If Full?

Yes, children crying because of full diaper is one the most common reason for a child to cry. Children feel very irritated when the wet diaper is touching their skin.

How To Make Sure The Child’s Diaper Is Always Clean?

  • Check the child’s diaper often.
  • Change the diaper immediately when it gets dirty.
  • Children mostly hide under bens or in corners when they poo. So, if you notice such activity make sure to check your child’s diaper.

How Do Children Get Rashes Quickly And Might Cause Trouble To The Child And The Parents?

Rashes a very common among diaper wearing children.

  • rashes are usually caused when the dirty diaper is not removed for a while then it causes rashes.
  • Putting a diaper on the wet skin of a child might also cause rashes.
  • Clothes which are hard on the child’s skin might also cause rashes.

How To Treat Rashes At Home?

There are some tips to cure rashes at home

  • Apply a gentle oil on the rash area
  • Do not cover the rash area with thick material like diapers, cotton pajamas, jeans etc
  • Apply a mild rash cream on the infected area

How To Avoid Rashes?

  • Always apply some baby powder on child’s skin before putting on a diaper.
  • Never put on a diaper on the wet skin of a child.
  • Dry out the lower area of the child with a gentle towel before putting on clothes and diapers.
  • Make sure the child’s clothes are comfortable.

Can Children Also Face Constipation?

Yes, the children might also face constipation. If you notice that your child is not passing out feces regularly and in very little quantity then it might be a sing of constipation.

Constipation is very common in children and it can be cured at home. But if you notice that the constipation is not getting cured with home remedies then you should consult a doctor.

Tips To Cure Constipation At Home:

  • Give your child a fiber rich food
  • Give your child warm milk
  • Give your child dates, figs, mango with fiber, whole wheat bread etc
  • Keep your hydrated

Do Children Face Indigestion?

Yes, children face indigestion which acts as an irritant for them. Indigestion is a condition in which the food is not digested properly and cause flatulence.

Indigestion can be caused when the child is over feed.

Tips To Avoid Indigestion:

  • Always make sure you give properly timed meals to the child.
  • Use pacifier.
  • Give your child exercise.
  • The meals should be nutritious and balanced.
  • Do not leave the feeder in the mouth of your child for a long time.

Do Children Cry And Get Upset When They Are Scared Or Annoyed With The Surroundings?

Yes, the child gets irritated, annoyed, upset and scared of the surroundings.

What Type Of Surroundings Usually Cause Such Situations?

  • Noisy surroundings
  • Over crowded places
  • People touching the child
  • Smelly places
  • Darkness
  • Hustle and bustle in the surroundings
  • Over heated places
  • People teasing the child

Do Children Cry For Attention?

Yes, children are very possessive and it might hurt them when they are not getting as much attention as they want.

 Children want their parents to be around them all the time. Specially, their mothers. so, when they do not get the wanted attention they get upset and start to cry.

How To Deal With A Child When The Child Wants Attention?

  • Try to calm the child gently
  • Spend some time with the child until the child is contended
  • Divert the attention of the child with some toys and tv etc
  • Make sure the child is not facing any of the above mentioned problems.
  • Spend more and more time with your child.

Try to understand the needs and requirements of your child. Do not rush to the doctor at once when the child gives out a little cry. Specially, in these days of covid-19.

But also, do not neglect to take a doctor’s consultation if any of these conditions are prolonged. If very necessary try to consult the doctor online and save your child from exposure to the germs.

That’s all from our side and if you need any further assistance, you can always get in touch with us.

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