The Impact Of “Don’t” And “No” Words At The Early Stage Of A Child’s Life

Just like adults, children also possess their own personalities. The personality of a child is based on the things the child observes from the surroundings. The surroundings consist of both positive and negative impacts.

 So, a child learns both these positive and negative things. It’s the duty of the parents to appreciate children on their positive and healthy habits and learnings and stop them from negative and unhealthy habits and learning.

How To Differentiate Between Healthy Learnings And Unhealthy Learnings:

New parents usually find it difficult to differentiate between the healthy and unhealthy things their children learn.

So, they get confused about things on which they should appreciate their children and the things from which they should refrain their children.

The things which have a positive impact on the child, the people surrounding the child and the environment around the child are considered as healthy learnings and habits.

And just like that, the things which have negative impact on the child, the people surrounding the child and the environment around the child are considered as unhealthy learnings and habits.

Under What Situations You Should Say “No” And “Don’t” Words To Your Children?

According to a survey around 4/10 Pakistani parents believe they stop their children from all the bad habits at appropriate time but their children are too stubborn to listen to them.

But as a parent you should know that you can teach the good and the bad to your child through proper training at proper time.

Do You Think You Might Shatter The Confidence Of Your Child If You Will Say A NO To His/Her Demands?

Yes, you might shatter the confidence of your child if you say a no to each and every demand that your child makes.

 But saying a Yes to each and every demand that your child is making to you might spoil your child even more.

For example:

Each time you go shopping and your child demands for new and expensive toys. Then in this case you are supposed to say a NO to your child.

Because not saying a No to your child in this case and buying your child everything at once which  he/she is demanding might put your child into stubbornness and superiority complex.

This could prove very dangerous in future.

Stopping Your Child From Bad Habits

A child’s personality becomes impressive when you stop your child from bad habits as bad habits never look pleasing.

People also appreciate and pamper your child when your child doesn’t display bad habits and this increases the child’s confidence.

 Also, the bad habits have a negative impact on your child’s mental and physical health.

What Are The Common Bad Habits Which Children Usually Pick From Their Environment?

Some of the common bad habits among children are:

  • Lying
  • Stealing
  • Spitting
  • Hitting people including parents
  • Shouting
  • Wasting food
  • Wasting water
  • Using foul language
  • Calling names

Stopping Your Children From Activities Which Might Hurt Them Physically And Mentally:

Most Pakistani parents believe that stopping their children from even the little harmful activities doesn’t not create any difference.

Whereas, this case is totally different. Teaching your child good manners and stopping from harmful activities is a part of basic home education which is very important for the children.

Under What Situations No And Don’t Words Have Negative Impact On Children?

In Pakistan 3/10 children feel under confident because of the unnecessary scolding and refraining they have faced from their house.

Saying the stopping and refraining words to your children when they are unnecessary also leave a negative Impact on their personalities.

Does It Damage The Personality Of Your Child When You Deny All The Demands Of Your Child, Even When You Can Fulfill Them?

YES, saying a no to every demand of your child also has a negative impact on your child’s personality.

Kids are very sensitive and even the slightest imbalance of any kind might cause negativity in them.

For example:

If your child wants a new dress for their class party and you can afford it and yet you say a NO to your child’s demand then this is wrong

Rejecting your child’s demand all the time and scolding them does no good to them. So, as a parent you have to be really careful about all the decisions you make about your child as excess of everything s harmful.

Saying No To All The Childish Desires And Little Mischiefs Of Your Child All The Time:

Children have their own little world and fantasies and it’s the duty of the parents to omit negative and bad fantasies with love and gentelness and appreciate them on their positive fantasies.

 But some parents scold their children on their childish desires out of annoyance. Children get disappointed when they are stopped from even their little childish mischiefs and desires.

How Does The No And Don’t Words Impact On Children When They Are Said In Front Of Other People:

Most parents in Pakistan usually consider it wise to scold their children in front of other people. Which is not true.

You should train and educate your child well enough that they don’t misbehave in front of others.

But if you see your child doing something bad, harmful and misbehaving then you should take your child to some alone place and stop them in privacy.


In short children should be given a balance of everything. If they are stopped from something then they should be diverted to do something appreciative and productive instead.

 And if they are denied of their demand then they should be given some little treat or gift like a candy or ice cream as a compensation.

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