Why Should You Visit Your Child Specialist Once A Month?

Behind every healthy child, there are parents who drink the strongest coffee in the world 5 times a day. Honestly, taking care of children is an arduous task as some say it is like having a topless blender turned on 24/7. Parenting is like knowing you are giving utmost care to your child and doubting your capabilities at the same time but all this bustling routine is worth seeing your child hale and healthy.

Although, the parents know the best about their children, a regular wellness visit to a child specialist will help parents understanding the technical aspects of a child’s development and growth. Birth to childhood is the age of growing and that means changes in a child’s body, attitudes, and habits. Prevention is always better than cure and a regular visit to a pediatrician near you will always help you diagnosing any medical condition that may arise with time.

In a regular visit, the child specialist will ensure the standardized growth and development of the child by mostly concerning the following aspects.

Diet Plans and Feeding Patterns?

The fuel to run a child’s energetic body requires nutrient-enriched diet plans.  A regular visit to a child specialist will help parents understanding how to keep the nourishment of the child up to date.

A regular visit to a pediatrician will clear all the doubts about feeding frequency and feeding patterns. Examining the child, the doctor will suggest breastfeeding or formula feeding for absolute growth. When the baby begins eating, usually parents are confused about planning the diet for their child. The child specialist can suggest the best nourishment plan as they understand what a growing body needs and what is best.

Approximately 1 in every 2 infants develops a gastrointestinal issue at least once before 6 months of age. Visiting a child specialist will also help understanding how a gastrointestinal tract normally works and what the pee and poop of a child is telling.

Sleep Cycles

Sleep is as important for children as nutrition and exercise. A good amount of sleep will help children absorbing all the things they have learned during the day. Not only the quantity but a good quality of sleeps also matters.

The newborn babies sleep most of the day and night and are only awake for feeding. As the child grows they develop sleeping cycles befitting for the body. A regular visit to a child specialist will help in understanding how the quantity of sleep is changing and whether it is affecting the mental and physical development. The pediatrician after examining the child can identify what is the best sleeping schedule for the body according to age and if anything is affecting a good bedtime of the child.  

Development Milestones

Measuring the physical and mental growth of a child is very important as it helps diagnosing any issues in the first stage. The mental and physical states of children change very steadily in the early years of childhood so a regular visit to a child specialist will help in keeping a normal growth level.

After monitoring the physical and mental development of a child, the pediatrician will compare the growth levels with the standardized age and attributes of a particular society. Every check-up forms a history of the medical health of the child that will help to diagnose any health issue in the future. 


Studies have shown that the vaccination schedule prevents roughly around 25 life-threatening diseases in newborns. As the newborns haven’t fully developed their immune system, vaccination is the only cure and prevention from deadly diseases.

According to the region, there are general and specifically recommended vaccination schedules. A regular visit to a child specialist not only helps in vaccinating your child properly but also helps diagnosing any allergies to medications. 

Make Most Out Of Every Visit

As from experience, we can say that parents are confused about effectively managing the once a month appointment. A well went visit will not only help children but also clear up parent’s anxieties. Following are some tips from Child Specialist and Neonatologist in Islamabad and Rawalpindi Dr. Junaid Jahangir Abassi about how you can make the most out of any general or specific visit to a pediatrician:

  • Pre decide what questions are most important and what are less important.
  • Be honest as this is a very serious concern about your child’s health
  • Always elaborate on your child behavior even about the slightest changes
  • Bring the medical history record of your family and your child
  • Don’t get uncomfortable if the doctor questions about parenthood and your relation with your child

A regular visit to a child specialist near you will help monitoring child development and growth and diagnosing any medical issues. Prevention is always better than cure and you can only prevent any problem to get severe when you have absolute knowledge about it. A regular visit will keep the track of your child’s growth and helps achieving ideal development milestones. 

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